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Adult Counselling near St Leonards NSW

Anna Sheppard Counselling and Psychotherapy is located a 12 minute walk from St Leonards Station, NSW. 

Counselling and psychotherapy for adults is always a collaborative and empowering process for my clients, regardless of their age.  You will always find a safe, non-judgemental space with me to work through whatever is causing you distress. I work in a strengths-based, trauma informed framework. The way we will work together will vary according to your unique needs, personality and comfort.

As a qualified adult counsellor and psychotherapist, I have been trained to integrate various evidence-based therapies (or modalities) in my work. There is always room for fun and creative ways to work through feelings and issues, through playing games, expressing feelings through artwork, music or journalling and letter writing.

Adult counselling and psychotherapy near St Leonards NSW

The therapies I use in counselling adults all involve fostering and deepening self-awareness. They work at identifying and exploring beliefs, habits of thought, behaviours and emotions. This deeper understanding can help people reassess their automatic reactions to situations and choose new ways of responding that serve them better. Creative approaches, such as art therapy and sandtray therapy can help us express emotions that are more difficult to express in words. Deeper self-awareness brings clarity, allowing pathways to positive change to reveal themselves.

Through these therapeutic processes, my clients improve their emotional regulation, coping skills, and relationships, as well as find courage and confidence to make changes to improve their lives.

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